Our Work to Help Fish

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How to Donate Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency
June 18, 2021

Animal Equality’s donors are the reason we can continue our work to help animals suffering on farms, in slaughterhouses, and in live animal markets. We work with lawmakers, corporations, and consumers to build a world in which all animals are respected and…

WATCH: “Motherhood,” A Glimpse Into the Lives of Mother Pigs in the Meat Industry
May 21, 2021

"Motherhood" is a new documentary created by Dutch filmmaker Eline Helena Schellekens that gives an up-close and personal view of how nine million pigs experience motherhood in Europe, which is not unlike what female pigs are forced to endure on US industrial farms.

Research in Mexico Made Possible by Tiny Beam Fund
May 18, 2021

Animal Equality’s life-changing work for farmed animals would not be possible without our generous donors and partners. Your support allows us to fund our investigations, legal actions, and corporate outreach programs and increases our impact by expanding the reach and awareness of our global public campaigns.

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18 Plant-Based Celebs Speaking Up For Animals
May 13, 2021

Whether they're staunch vegans, plant-based eaters, or just dabbling with some meat-and-dairy-free options, these celebs make a positive impact on the lives of countless animals each time they take to social media to speak on the issues.

We Documented Horrific Mistreatment of Pigs on a “High Welfare” Farm and This is What Happened
May 12, 2021

Nine things that happened since we exposed behind-the-scenes cruelty at P&G Sleigh Pig Farm.

Eight Fascinating Fish Facts That’ll Make You Never Want to Eat Seafood Again
May 5, 2021

Fish may not look or act like other animals, but they’re every bit as unique and complex as the cats and dogs we share our homes with. Here are eight fascinating fish facts to share with friends and…

How We’re Changing the World for Chickens and You Can Help
April 21, 2021

Join the fight to improve the lives of countless chickens worldwide!

Documentaries like Seaspiracy Are Changing How We Think of Sea Life
April 13, 2021

Since its creation, film has been a powerful tool in fighting for justice—especially in the animal protection movement.

The Link Between Chick Culling and False Advertising
April 9, 2021

Chick culling in the egg industry leads to deceptive "humane-washing."

Day of Action: Ask Mars Inc. to Go Cage-Free
April 6, 2021

Mars, Inc., the creators of Snickers and Milky Way and several other human and pet food brands, are refusing to adopt a global cage-free policy. Join the campaign asking Mars to stop sourcing eggs from caged hens worldwide.