Research in Mexico Made Possible by Tiny Beam Fund

Animal Equality’s life-changing work for farmed animals would not be possible without our generous donors and partners. Your support allows us to fund our investigations, legal actions, and corporate outreach programs and increases our impact by expanding the reach and awareness of our global public campaigns.

In fall 2020, Tiny Beam Fund generously awarded a grant to Animal Equality México, through its Fueling Advocates Initiative Grant (FAI Grant). Tiny Beam Fund was created to support the search for a better understanding of and practical ways to address this multifaceted problem that inflicts grievous harm on animals, people, and the environment.

This FAI Grant supported academic research necessary to pass new federal legislation in México protecting chickens used in the industrial agriculture system. The results from our research were fundamental to drafting legislation and moving forward with this initiative. In addition, this research provided Animal Equality with the opportunity to collaborate with new universities and researchers specializing in Veterinary Medicine, Food Safety, and Biotechnology.

This new initiative will be launched as a part of Animal Equality México’s Leyes para los Animales en México (Laws for Animals in Mexico) campaign which consists of separate initiatives targeting federal, state, and local levels of government. Additionally, our research findings complement our previous investigation, “Pollo Hecho en México” (Chicken made in Mexico), which exposes the immense cruelty chickens endure.

Thank you Tiny Beam Fund for your generous support of Animal Equality’s work! Together, we’re creating a more compassionate world where animals are respected and protected.

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